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Employee Training Manual for Legacy Navigator

I worked with a variety of stakeholders at this startup to develop an employee training manual. I compiled information on company policies, safety, and customer service through interviews with senior executives. I organized information from interviews and repurposed existing content into a clear, organized training manual for entry-level ESL employees. I also assisted Legacy Navigator in developing two advanced training modules for higher-level employees.

2017 Literary Horoscopes for Penguin Random House

I worked with Penguin Random House's Read It Forward team to create unique, entertaining website content that would capture readers' email addresses for the newsletter. I pitched the editor 2017 horoscopes with a year's worth of book recommendations for each zodiac sign. As an astrologer, I knew I could map out the year ahead, and as a book lover I had plenty of books in mind to help people ride the ups and downs of 2017.

Six months later, this is one of the most successful pieces of content on the website. Read It Forward is still capturing email addresses from people who want to download their horoscope, and the editor continues to promote it in marketing channels. We plan to publish another set of literary horoscopes in 2018.

Download my literary horoscopes from Read It Forward, or email me for a sample.

Editing Content for Think with Google at Huge

In November and December 2016, I worked on site with Huge's editorial team to edit content for their client, Think with Google. My primary role on this project was to find data points in one of Google's research reports on mobile travel apps and edit them into "nuggets": digestible, shareable pieces of relevant data for marketers. On the left are some of the nuggets I found and edited.

I also helped to edit some long-form content on marketing for the client, and I did some of the initial copywriting for the new Think with Google home page and links.


Marketing Materials for MineMine Kids

MineMine Kids is an ecommerce startup retailing premium clothing and products for children ages 0-18. I worked with them in August and September 2016, when they were getting ready for launch. After interviews with the company's founders, I created marketing materials including a press release with an additional question and answer section, and a straightforward, engaging company profile.

Download the press release, Q&A, or business profile to see samples of the types of marketing materials I can create for you.