with ghostwriting clients

What I Do

Nonfiction ghostwriting, including memoir, prescriptive health, psychology, self-help, business, and marketing. I work with ghostwriting clients on short ebooks, newsletters, blog posts, full-length nonfiction books, and book proposals.

I can also be a Book Doctor for your book, combining my editing expertise with some ghostwriting to help you take your manuscript from first draft to final draft.


What I Don't Do

I have ghostwritten fiction for a major author. However, I won't take your initial idea for a novel and turn it into a full-length book. If your first draft calls for a Book Doctor, please see my book editing services.

Project Planning

Here's my process for planning projects with clients:

1. You contact me.

2. I'll ask you some first questions over email, and then we'll probably book a call to see if we'd enjoy working together.

3. If it seems like a good fit, I'll write a project proposal and email it to you within 2-3 business days. The project proposal will include the scope of work, deliverables, proposed deadlines, and rates.

3. If you like the proposal, I'll prepare a contract for us.

4. Once we sign the agreement, I'll invoice you and you'll pay a deposit (a percentage of the rate) to schedule work with me.

5. When the deposit is paid, I'll schedule your project!

The Ghostwriting Process

Once we have scheduled your ghostwriting project, we'll have a longer chat about your vision and outline for the work. You'll send me any previously existing materials, and I'll plan for our first interview. After each interview in our series, I'll use the transcription to write a section of the book in your voice, send it to you, and get your notes. We'll continue adding information and revising in this way. Splitting the project up into manageable sections ensures that we stay in sync so that you're ultimately happy with the final product. Once we have a complete draft, I will do one round of major revisions and one round of smaller revisions. The process can vary depending on the client and project, but this is typical.

The Investment

Hiring a ghostwriter is an investment up front, because my name won't be on the work and I will not be getting royalties. So you're contracting a writer-for-hire on a flat fee. The investment is worthwhile because clients expect it to pay off over time through self-publication or traditional publishing, or because having their story told is valuable for them personally.

The rate depends on how much existing material I have to work with, the length of the proposed project, the detail or technicality in the subject matter, the depth of interviewing and additional research, transcription and travel costs, and any rush deadlines. These are extensive projects, so the rate can range from $5,000 for an entrepreneur's short self-published e-book, to upwards of $25,000 for a full-length memoir.

Ghostwriter Laura Sherman has a good blog post on ghostwriting rates. Like her, I use a project rate. And mine is less expensive.


Budget Alternatives to Full-Length Books

Book Proposal

You can contract me to write a much shorter nonfiction book proposal. The proposal would include an attention-grabbing introduction, information about you as an author that is appealing for agents and publishers, and sample chapter material. I used to work in editorial for a commercial nonfiction publisher, so I know what makes a good proposal. Of course I cannot guarantee you a publishing deal, but you can shop this to agents after the proposal is written. Once you get a book deal, I would have the option of ghostwriting the full book through your publisher's contract.

StoryTerrace Memoir

I write for a company called StoryTerrace, which makes it easy for people to have their memoir or biography ghostwritten at an affordable rate. You can choose the length (compact, complete, novella, or custom), and they will bind it for you. If you like this option, I can be your writer! And if you choose a different StoryTerrace writer, please do me a favor and mention that I referred you. I get a commission from them when I bring in projects.

More About How I Work

  • I can do in-person interviews in New York City, or over video chat or phone at no cost. I'll travel if you're willing to pay expenses.
  • I am an independent contractor. When you hire me, you're entering into contract with my company, Brittany Goss, LLC.
  • I use 17Hats to invoice clients. This makes it easy to pay online using a no-fee ACH transfer!

Want to work together? Tell me about your project!