Repost: A Submission Movement for Women

Anna Leahy, a SheWrites author, has posted a very moving blog entry on the site that I wanted to repost for anybody who might be interested in following this challenge. In the next ten days (by February 28), she urges women to send out 12 submissions. Simultaneous submissions are fine, the point is to get over the fear of submitting, especially to literary magazines and editors that we think might never accept our work. So what if they reject it? We’ll never find out if we don’t try.

Leahy makes a compelling argument for why there is so much gender disparity in the publishing world, citing quotes from editors and statistics that show that men submit at a much faster rate, and to a larger variety of venues, then women. “If there exists gender disparity in literary journal publishing,” Leahy urges, “let it not be because women are not submitting their work.”

Read the whole blog post (worth it!) and join the challenge here at

A Submission Movement