I’m a coach, astrologer, and writer.

Everything in my basket—stories, conversations, and stars—is medicine for the modern world.

Which medicine are you looking for?

a story

to connect people with your brand

I have been working as a freelance writer for almost a decade, creating content for brands like Google and Penguin Random House, and writing website copy for small business owners.

My services include website copy writing, longform content creation (blog posts and articles), and email newsletter content. My specialty is heart-centered wellness content.

Does your company have a story that needs to be told? Hire me to write it.

a guide

to coach you through the crossroads moments

I act as a guide for women who are in transition—stuck at a crossroads and unsure about where to go next. It’s all about recalibrating your internal compass and reconnecting with your authentic wisdom.

I offer coaching specifically for writers who want a guide to help them tell their stories.

I also combine coaching with astrology for clients who are interested in both.

a map

to help you navigate by the light of the stars

An astrological chart can act as an enchanted map, guiding you over rough terrain.

I’m an Evolutionary astrologer at Rebel Astrology, where I weave mythology with modern wisdom in my horoscopes and personal consultations.

For clients who are interested in working more deeply with their astrological transits, I combine coaching with astrology.

more about me

When I’m not writing for clients, I write my own creative work, which has been published in literary journals including Confrontation, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Joyland Magazine, Bellingham Review, and Grasslimb Journal.

I’m a practicing witch who is committed to offering accessible coaching services to the witchy, magical, and pagan community. If you’re looking for a holistic coach who welcomes your spiritual path into the relationship, please book a free discovery session.

I live in Brooklyn with my singer-songwriter husband Alex of Bad Galaxy and a growing collection of plants that remain alive against all odds.

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