My clients come to me because I blend creativity and storytelling with the sharp, practical eye of an editor. I aim for polished, elegant writing. I believe simplicity is the key to good communication. With a strong narrative and a clear voice, the writing becomes invisible, and the audience turns their attention entirely to the story you're telling.

I have over eight years of experience as a professional writer and editor. I've written copy and marketing materials for Camfisto and MineMine Kids, among other companies. I've edited content for Think with Google at the creative agency Huge and managed content creation for the Association of National Advertisers. I've worked as an Assistant Editor at Penguin Random House and edited manuscripts for private clients. For three years, I taught writing at Colorado State University while I earned my MFA in fiction. My short stories have been published in literary journals. I've written a novella for James Patterson's imprint at Hachette (under a pen name). I write content about books for Penguin Random House's Read It Forward, and I ghostwrite for confidential clients. What does all of this varied experience add up to? A multi-capable freelancer who can take on complex projects involving a variety of subjects or genres and adapt quickly to new challenges.

When I'm not working, I enjoy skiing, traveling, running, and taking in theater and music. I'm also an astrologer and the founder of Rebel Astrology, offering readings and custom written reports. If you want to see examples of my own marketing, check out my Rebel Astrology blog, newsletter, and social media

There isn't much that I'm not interested in, but here's a short list of things that excite me: culture and society, travel, history, spirituality, the metaphysical, philosophy, wellness and holistic healing, psychology, entrepreneurship, technology, futurism, women and feminism, art, fashion, theater, comedy, music, literature, and education.

I enjoy helping people tell their stories, whether it's editing the story that's already in your first draft, or telling the story of your business to your audience with content marketing. It's truly my pleasure. I look forward to working with you!