Rebel Astrology is the hub for all of my astrology work. Iā€™m an evolutionary astrologer, offering horoscopes and astrological consultations to clients all over the world. I also offer a unique combination of astrology and coaching for clients who want to create significant change in their lives using the lens of astrology.

In a time when our society values speed and brevity, Rebel Astrology stands for depth. I stand for the wisdom of intuition, for slowing down, and for speaking the truth in all of its messy complexity. Most of all, on a planet where womxn are so often stripped of power, I stand for our sovereignty. Astrology is a magical tool that gives us access to old and powerful forces. For those who are politically disempowered, magic is another form of strength. An astrological chart can be an enchanted map, guiding you over rough terrain.

I've had a lifelong obsession with astrology. That obsession intensified when I began studying astrology in earnest in 2012. I bring my background in anthropology and writing to the art of chart synthesis, weaving mythology and astrological fieldwork together into personally valuable stories with my clients.

All of my clients are invited to think of astrology as a tool for personal growth. In consultations, we map planetary cycles to illuminate personal patterns and transformative opportunities. Becoming aware of these hidden patterns allows one to work with the cosmic energy instead of against it, like a surfer riding a wave.

Why Rebel Astrology? I like people who do things differently. Nonconformists, artists, writers, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, wanderers, and all badly behaved womxn are welcome! My mission is to show people what is unique about them, to inspire them to be even more themselves, and to provide them with timing that aids them in their endeavors. Working with astrology is about your evolution. It's about accessing your power and finding your Work in the world. I would be honored to assist you with that sacred project.

If you would like to book an astrology reading, please do so at Rebel Astrology.