Reconnect with your authentic self.


I coach womxn who feel they have lost themselves somewhere along the path to success.

Womxn who have stuffed their freak flags in the back of the closet, because hiding the true self seems safer.

Womxn who have burned out taking care of others while their own passions go without fuel.

I believe that every single womxn is a unique being who has a gift to share with the world. Children have an instinctive understanding of who they are and what they want. As we grow up and attempt to meet the pressures of adulthood, it’s easy to lose the clarity we once had. We respond to social pressure to behave the way we think we should, and hide the parts of ourselves that don’t seem to belong. Sometimes what we’re told should make us happy, like a promotion at a prestigious company, does the opposite. On top of all this, we’re expected to give to others, not take time and resources for ourselves. These expectations lead many womxn away from their True North, the internal compass that points out the path to the Work that feeds their soul.

I am here to guide you back to your True North. Back to your authentic self.

The one who always knew what she wanted.

The one who didn’t care what other people thought.

Are you ready to find clarity about what you want? Ready to stop hiding the parts of yourself that make you unique? Ready to fulfill the potential of your passion projects? Ready to thrive? Then I’m ready to partner with you!

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As a coach, I partner with clients in a creative process intended to help them access their internal wisdom.

Through this partnership, you get back in touch with your own answers, create new possibilities for your life, and maximize your potential.

Coaching is most powerful when experienced, which is why I invite new clients to spend one hour in a deep, transformative conversation with me. Book a free discovery session.


Get Quiet

There is a voice inside of you that will speak the truth if you learn how to tune out all of the noise.


Make space. Release what isn’t working. Open up to new possibilities.


You’re standing at the crossroads of many choices. Which one is the right one for you? Turn on your inner light to see.

more about me

In a time when our society values speed and brevity, I stand for depth. I stand for the wisdom of intuition, for slowing down, and for speaking the truth in all of its messy complexity. My personal mission is to bring stillness, connection, creativity, and wisdom to every interaction with my clients. Together, we make space for the rediscovery of self and sovereignty.

Why do I call this Rebel Coaching? I like people who do things differently. Nonconformists, artists, writers, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, wanderers, and all badly behaved womxn are welcome here! I’m here to show people what is unique about them, to inspire them to be even more themselves, and to provide them with timing that aids them in their endeavors. Rebel Coaching is about your evolution. It's about accessing your power and finding your Work in the world. I would be honored to assist you with that sacred project.

I also happen to be a practicing witch who is committed to offering coaching for the witchy, magical, and pagan communities. If you’re a magical person looking for a holistic coach who welcomes your spiritual path into the relationship, my door is open. This is a judgement-free zone, so anyone of any belief system is welcome to work with me.

I live in Brooklyn with my singer-songwriter husband Alex of Bad Galaxy and an ever-expanding container garden.


Do you still have questions about coaching? Visit my FAQ page.


I offer an astrological coaching (astrocoaching) package, too!


Ready for your first session?

In the discovery session, you’ll get a chance to tell me about yourself and what you’re looking for. You’ll experience the power of coaching firsthand. And I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about working together.

I can’t wait to have this deep, transformative conversation with you!